Managed antivirus service

Managed antivirus service combines the power of Kaspersky antivirus software with active monitoring and prompt response from the YPCR support staff.  Everyone uses antivirus software yet somehow it still seems to fail them.  When you subscribe to Managed Antivirus from YPCR you get more than just a security product.  You get real people with a real support system that ensure your virus protection doesn’t fail because it stopped running or missed an update. In the event a virus is detected by the software but can’t be removed  a YPCR staff member takes over to address the problem.

Just $79/yr gives you the award-winning Kaspersky Antivirus software, active monitoring and unlimited access to YPCR antivirus support.  All incidents are automatically logged in our online ticketing system which can be be reviewed anytime at you have multiple computers under management you can use our online portal to keep track of everything.  This is a great tool for IT departments looking for a way to monitor the health of their network and centralize the deployment and management of an antivirus solution.