Business Telephone Service

Business Telephone Service

Start using YPCR’s business-grade communication platform today! We offer cloud based telephone system for your home or office. Remove yourself from the hassle of managing complex, on premises, phone system hardware.

YPCR provides more features than your current telephone provider for much less. You’ll be connected to the top tier telecommunications networks. For a low monthly rate, you receive local and/or toll free numbers. You can even carry over your existing telephone numbers, IP headsets & soft phones.

Bring your phone home or on the road.  Since your service is IP based, you can plug your phone in anywhere with an internet connection and it’s like you are sitting in your office. 

Unlike traditional phone companies and business telephone equipment vendors, YPCR understands that every client’s needs are different. That is why we will tailor a custom built communication package for your business.

All these features are at your fingertips with YPCR:

* Caller ID
* Call forwarding
* Block unwanted callers
* Calling queues & ring groups
* Digital receptionist (IVR)
* Internal transfer
* Fax to email
* Voicemail to email
* Group chat (secure IRC)

Call or email us to schedule a free consultation with one of our help desk. As always, we are here to serve and end the frustration.

Phone: 410-525-5599